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This application will take you through our reseller evaluation process, including a request to sign our reseller agreement so you can hit the ground running once you're approved.
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This form is intended for reseller applicants. If you're interested in network services for your site, please contact our team instead.

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This information is to help us understand if you'll need hardware or testing services. Our test lab verifies hardware works as expected for the smoothest driver experience. We also support non-verified hardware, but field reliability cannot be ensured.
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Now for the formalities. Let's review the reseller terms & conditions.

By signing this form ,"Reseller" and ChargeLab Inc. ("ChargeLab") enter this ChargeLab Reseller Agreement ("Reseller Agreement").
Whereas "Network Services" means ongoing subscription access to ChargeLab’s charging station management system ("CSMS"), a software solution for connecting and administering EVCS, and Reseller wishes to distribute, resell, or offer some or all of the Network Services, ChargeLab hereby authorizes and appoints Reseller as a non-exclusive partner to purchase Network Services from ChargeLab and to market, sell, or incorporate for resale ChargeLab Network Services to their end customers ("Customers").

Reseller discounts for network services

ChargeLab will provide a 15% Reseller Discount on all ChargeLab Network Services SKUs.
The latest list of ChargeLab Network Services SKUs and recommended Selling Prices can be found at

Minimum commitment

ChargeLab agrees to waive reseller minimum commitment requirements for the duration of this Agreement.

White label options

You may request white labeling for an additional fee at any point during which the agreement is active. Services include:
  • Branded web app
  • Branded dashboard
  • Branded RFID cards
See our MSRP for more details.

By signing below, the Reseller also agrees to the terms and conditions outlined on this page:

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